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Columbia Fire Department Firefighter Extinguishing Some FlamesDo You Have What It Takes?

Choosing a career as a Firefighter is the beginning of a journey. It can be one of the most challenging, exciting, and rewarding experiences of your life.

  • Firefighting is an inherently dangerous occupation. Emergency calls may lead to a brush fire, structure fire, automobile accident or life-threatening medical emergency. Each call has to be responded to with urgency and professionalism.
  • Firefighting is very physically demanding. This may include climbing many flights of stairs while fully equipped. Firefighters can carry 80-100 pounds of equipment such as hoses, axes, ladders, chainsaws, and extinguishers to rescue victims and extinguish the flames. The Department provides time and equipment during your shift to maintain the expected level of fitness.
  • Firefighters live one-third of their career in a fire station. Work shifts are 24-hour increments, nine to 11 times per month. Firefighters live and sleep in dormitory-style quarters while on duty.
  • When not out on a call, firefighters must constantly work at keeping the station and equipment in excellent condition. Much of the firefighters’ station time is spent maintaining living quarters, the fire station and the equipment.

Firefighters In Front of Fire Station 2A career in firefighting can be a fulfilling experience offering you many advantages:

  • Be a community leader and role model;
  • The opportunity to save and change lives;
  • The satisfaction of succeeding in a challenging and rewarding career;
  • The pride in serving the people of your community; and
  • Being a part of the emergency services family.

There are also many excellent benefits, including:

  • Paid Fire Academy training
  • Career advancement opportunities (Firefighter – Fire Chief)
  • Desirable work schedule (up to 21 days off per month)
  • Paid vacation days and holidays
  • Medical/dental/vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Deferred compensation savings plan
  • Job security

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Columbia Fire Department’s Explorers Post

Explorers Post Training Exercise The Columbia Mo Fire Department invites you to join the CFD Emergency Services Explorer Post.  If you would like to learn about the fire service, make new friends, and have fun, you need to become an Explorer. This program is designed to educate the youth about the intricacies of the unique world of firefighting.  Age requirements for this program are set for boys & girls from 14 to 21 years of age. 

We are continuously taking applications to fill positions for this program. If you are interested in joining our team of Explorers, give us a call at 573-874-7391 to obtain more information on how to apply.