Family Emergency Planning

The risk of natural disasters is very real in central Missouri. Fires, floods, tornados, hail storms, winter storms, and even earthquakes are familiar events to all of us. While the threat of a terrorist attack remains unlikely in our community, because of the threat of natural disasters that can occur anytime during the year, the Columbia Fire Department encourages you and your family to make a plan, gather some simple basic supplies, and then practice your plan.

A large scale disaster will stretch the limits of all available emergency services such as police, fire, EMS and public utilities. Because of this, your family should be prepared to sustain itself for a time period of between 24 and 72 hours.

Below are some basic instructions in creating a family emergency plan and some useful web links. As always, should you have questions or comments not answered on our web site, please call us at 573-874-7556.

  • Involve the entire family in the planning stages. All of those in your household that may be effected during an emergency should take part in preparing the plan.
  • Gather supplies that your family may need in the event that you are without electricity, running water, natural or propane gas, or the ability to go to a local store.
  • Practice the plan with all family members. Practice at various times during the day, not just during daylight hours when the weather is nice. Practice several times during the year and make changes to your plan as your family needs change. Don’t forget that the supplies you gather now have a shelf life and will need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Guide – Are Your Ready?

Remember, after you plan, practice, practice, practice.

Useful Web sites

The Federal Emergency Management Agency

The Department of Homeland Security