Juvenile Fire Setter Program

How To Identify a Juvenile Fire Setter:

Juvenile Fire Setter

A child who is curious about fire may be any age.

A child who misuses fire may be anyone’s child.

The Juvenile Fire Setter program is an effective intervention program for children who have shown any type of fire setting or fire play behavior.

The Columbia Fire Department offers a free, confidential education program for children who show curiosity about fire or have started a fire.  The Juvenile Fire Setter program engages children’s interest and is informative for caregivers.  The program involves an assessment of the child’s fire safety needs, fun age-appropriate activities individualized to help your child learn about being safe around fire and information for caregivers on how to keep their whole family safe.  For those children who would benefit from additional help, referrals are available for behavioral health services.

For more information about Juvenile Fire Setters, please call
Columbia Fire Department at 573-874-7556 or email

Juvenile Fire Setters is a program of the Columbia Fire Department, Fire Marshal’s Division.