Public Education

Citizen Handbook 1

Keeping our community safe is a top priority of the City of Columbia and public safety is the paramount duty of the Columbia Fire Department.  The Columbia Fire Department is dedicated to ensuring every city resident is safe at home, at work and at school.

Under the oversight of the Fire Marshal’s Division, the Columbia Fire Department’s Public Education Program strives to provide effective fire safety education and positive community role models for Columbia’s school age children, businesses and citizens.

Program activities take three main formats:Col Fire Dept logo

  1. Providing integrated, quality teaching resources and opportunities to help citizens of all ages learn the skills to stay safe.
  2. Conducting an effective arson prevention and fire setting intervention program.
  3. Providing firefighters as positive community role models through support of fire and life safety education initiatives and attendance at businesses and  school events.

For more information, Email the Fire Marshal’s Division.