Buyer Commodity Assignments

Commodity / Service Buyer
401A Plan Administration Lawrence Luck
Access Control Systems (Electronic) Melissa Pasley
Actuarial Services Lawrence Luck
Advertising – Print/Radio/TV Zachary McLeland
Aggregate, Asphalt Michelle Sorensen
Alarm Services Melissa Pasley
Answering Service Zachary McLeland
Appraisal Services – Real Estate & Rehabilitation Zachary McLeland
Asbestos Removal Zachary McLeland
Athletic Recreation Equipment & Supplies Sophie Heidenreich
Audio Visual Supplies & Equipment Melissa Pasley
Awards – Trophies Zachary McLeland
Bond Counsel Lawrence Luck
Building Construction, Remodel, Repair Michelle Sorensen
Building Demolition Michelle Sorensen
Building Supplies – Lumber, Steel, etc. Zachary McLeland
Cellular Phone Service, Equip and Pagers Zachary McLeland
Chemicals, Includes Road Salt Sophie Heidenreich
Clothing (all types) & Emblems Melissa Pasley
Communications Equip & Supplies Melissa Pasley
Community Services Melissa Pasley
Computer Hardware, Software, Supplies, Services Melissa Pasley
Consulting Services & Engineers Lawrence Luck
Contractors Heavy Equipment Sophie Heidenreich
Convention/Visitors Services, Sponsorships, etc. Melissa Pasley
Cultural Affairs Melissa Pasley
Custodial Services, Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Zachary McLeland
Custodial Supplies, Equipment Zachary McLeland
Dry Cleaning Melissa Pasley
Electric Distribution Construction Michelle Sorensen
Electric Distribution Supplies, Services Michelle Sorensen
Electrical Supplies Michelle Sorensen
Electronic Supplies Zachary McLeland
Elevators Zachary McLeland
Employment Services – Temporary Melissa Pasley
Energy Conservation Supplies, Services Zachary McLeland
Engineering & Surveying Supplies, Equipment Lawrence Luck
Fencing – Materials, Installation Michelle Sorensen
Fiber Optic Cable Melissa Pasley
Financial Services (Banking, Auditing, Collection, Advisory, Consulting, etc) Lawrence Luck
Fire Extinguisher Services Zachary McLeland
Fire Hose, Tools, Accessories Zachary McLeland
Fleet Operations Supplies, Equipment Sophie Heidenreich
Fleet Vehicles, Equipment, Accessories Sophie Heidenreich
Flexible Benefits Administration, 125 Plan Sophie Heidenreich
Floor Covering, Installation Michelle Sorensen
Food and Drink Items/Concession Services & Vending Zachary McLeland
Gases, Compressed Melissa Pasley
Generators, Portable or Mobile Sophie Heidenreich
Generators, Substation Sophie Heidenreich
Golf Carts & Golf Related Equipment   Sophie Heidenreich
Grant Writing Services Lawrence Luck
Ground Maintenance/Mowing Zachary McLeland
Hazardous Waste Services & Supplies Melissa Pasley
Health & Safety Supplies, Equipment, Services Zachary McLeland
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Supplies & Svcs Michelle Sorensen
Home Buyers Classes Melissa Pasley
Home Inspection Services Zachary McLeland
Human Resources Svcs – Drug Testing, Insurance, RX Card, etc.

Sophie Heidenreich

Insurance/Risk Management Services Sophie Heidenreich
Interpreter Services Sophie Heidenreich
Laboratory Services Sophie Heidenreich
Laboratory Supplies, Equip Sophie Heidenreich
Landscaping, Planting, Material Zachary McLeland
Lawn & Turf Chemicals Sophie Heidenreich
Lawn & Turf Equipment Sophie Heidenreich
Lead Based Paint Risk Assessment Service Zachary McLeland
Leasing – Building & Office Space Cale Turner
Moving Services Zachary McLeland
Office Furniture Melissa Pasley
Office Machines Melissa Pasley
Office Supplies Melissa Pasley
Overhead Doors Michelle Sorensen
Paint – Supplies, Equipment Sophie Heidenreich
Paper – Copier, Forms, Etc. Melissa Pasley
Paper – Towels, Cups, etc. Melissa Pasley
Parks & Rec Equip, Supplies, Svcs, & Utility Vehicles Michelle Sorensen
Pest Extermination Zachary McLeland
Petroleum Products Zachary McLeland
Pharmaceutical Supplies & Services Sophie Heidenreich
Phone – Long Distance Service, Equipment, etc. Melissa Pasley
Photo Film, Cameras, Supplies & Services Melissa Pasley
Planning Supplies & Services Michelle Sorensen
Plumbing Supplies & Services Michelle Sorensen
Police Equipment, Supplies & Services Melissa Pasley
Power Production Equipment, Supplies, Services Zachary McLeland
Precast Concrete Zachary McLeland
Printing Services Melissa Pasley
Procurement Card Services Lawrence Luck
Professional Services Lawrence Luck
Radio Repair, Maintenance, Equipment, etc. Melissa Pasley
Railroad Supplies, Equipment & Services Michelle Sorensen
Records Storage Zachary McLeland
Recycling Equipment, Supplies & Services Zachary McLeland

Michelle Sorensen

Sam’s Card Purchases Sophie Heidenreich
Sewer Supplies, Equipment & Services Zachary McLeland
Signs & Supplies; Plaques Melissa Pasley
Sirens – Warning Zachary McLeland
Solid Waste Equipment, Supplies & Services Michelle Sorensen
Storm Water Equipment, Supplies & Services Michelle Sorensen
Street Equipment, Supplies & Services Sophie Heidenreich
Street, Sidewalk Construction, Maintenance, Repair Michelle Sorensen
Surplus Property Zachary McLeland
Tanks – Bulk Storage, Fuel, etc. Melissa Pasley
Toilets – Portable, Rental Zachary McLeland
Tools, Small, Hand Zachary McLeland
Towing Sophie Heidenreich
Traffic, Parking – Supplies Equipment Melissa Pasley
Training – Education Classes Melissa Pasley
Transcription Services Suphie Heidenreich
Travel, Hotel Accommodations, Meetings, etc. Zachary McLeland
Utility Vehicles (ATV/UTV) Sophie Heidenreich
Vehicle Rental Zachary McLeland
Video Equipment Melissa Pasley
Washing – Vehicle & Equipment Sophie Heidenreich
Wastewater Utility Supplies, Equipment, Services Michelle Sorensen
Water Utility Supplies, Equipment, Services Zachary McLeland
Welding Equipment and Service Sophie Heidenreich
Window Coverings Melissa Pasley