Approved Cooperatives List

Welcome to the City of Columbia’s Cooperative Purchasing Warehouse

Cooperative procurement (or piggy-backing off another government agency’s previously solicited contract) has been proven to reduce administrative and product costs, increase efficiencies and stretch shrinking budgets during difficult times. Cooperative procurement aggregates the purchasing power of multiple government agencies in order to entice the vendor community to offer deeper discounts on goods and services. Cities, counties, states and school districts across the country, including Columbia, MO, are demonstrating “improved operating results” (IOR) and cutting their bottom line by utilizing cooperative procurement on a larger scale.

Please browse the numerous governmental cooperatives the city may utilize listed in our “warehouse”. If you wish to utilize any of the coops please contact purchasing for assistance. If you find a coop you wish to purchase from, which is not listed, please let purchasing conduct the proper research for competitive bidding, insurance and prevailing wage, as it may apply as well as document retrieval prior to initiating a purchase.

You may reach any of the Purchasing Staff at 573.874.7376.