Purchasing Division

The Purchasing Division provides centralized control over the procurement of materials, equipment and services for all departments, offices and agencies of the City. Purchasing is responsible for setting standards and specifications for items to be purchased; for advertising and tabulation of bids; assisting departments in obtaining contracts for services; preparation and issuance of purchase orders, materials management; fixed asset inventory, and supervising the transfer or disposal of all surplus materials, supplies and equipment.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

Consistent with City Code and policy resolution 48-18 which adopted the principles of community for the City of Columbia, the City of Columbia requires all contractors for goods or services to comply with local, state and federal nondiscrimination laws.  Contracts for the purchase of goods and services shall require compliance with all laws, including nondiscrimination laws.  Pursuant to Chapter 12 of the City Code, contractors shall not discriminate in employment, housing and public accommodations on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, receipt of governmental assistance, alienage or citizenship status, status as a victim of sexual or domestic violence, or order of protection status.

City of Columbia, FAA DBE Overall goal:  4.13% DBE Participation, to be obtained through 4.13% Race-Neutral and 0% Race-Conscious means

Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy

The City of Columbia Purchasing Division subscribes to the highest standards of ethical conduct for avoiding improper business practices and personal conflicts of interest for all personnel engaged directly or indirectly in the award and administration of the city’s contracts. As such, Purchasing has developed a Division Code of Ethics Policy which establishes that employees of the Purchasing Division will neither solicit nor accept gratuities, favors, or anything of monetary value from contractors, potential contractors, or parties to contracts or subcontracts. Our policy is to avoid all conflicts of interest and all appearances of conflicts of interest.

 Viewopens PDF file  the Division’s Code of Ethics.

“The city, as a general policy does not reimburse for indirect cost. The Purchasing Agent may make an exception to this policy if a specific contract/agreement merits such reimbursement.”

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