Temporary Special Event – Show or festival with vendors, booth/exhibit rental, etc.

Note:  The Promoter of the event must obtain the temporary special event license

Application Forms


$30.00 application fee plus $5.00 per day per vendor / participant

  • Maximum fee of $15.00 per vendor/participant.

If you are selling / serving food or drink, contact the Health Department at 573-874-7346. 

Food Inspection Fee:

  • $40.00 – 1 to 3 consecutive days
  • $70.00 – 4 to 14 consecutive days

Additional Requirements:

  •  If alcoholic beverages will be served outside the licensed premise, a caterers permit must be obtained
  • Listing of vendors/participants
  • Diagram of the event area that includes dimensions and location of vendors, tents, etc.
  • Certificate of insurance naming City of Columbia as additional insured
  • Letter or lease agreement from property owners where event is being held
  • MO Sales Tax number must be obtained from MO Dept. of Revenue, 573-751-2836 or 573-751-3505 (if required)
  • If you set up tents or display signs, contact the Building & Site Development Division at 573-874-7474
  • Area must be ADA accessible
  • Security for the event, if necessary
  • Parking arrangements