Vehicle for Hire Complaints

Citizens may report concerns and/or complaints against a vehicle for hire driver or company using the following form.

Vehicle for Hire Complaint Formopens PDF file

All complaints received will be processed within thirty (30) business days.   This will allow staff the necessary time to review all documents submitted, as well as obtain any additional documentation necessary to determine whether a vehicle for hire driver or company was in violation of the City Code.  Please include any documentation you feel is relevant (e.g. pictures, receipts, etc.).   After a determination has been made, the person who has filed the complaint will be notified by email or mail at the address provided below.   

Submit completed forms:

By email: business.license@como.govcreate new email

By fax:   573-874-7761

By mail:
Business License Division
Department of Finance
City of Columbia
P.O. Box 6015
Columbia, MO  65205.