Special Permits to Nonprofit Enterprises (Canning Permit)

Special Permits to Nonprofit Enterprises

The Business Services Manager will issue special permits without the payment of any license fees to any person or organization for the conduct or operation of a nonprofit enterprise if the applicant is operating without private profit for a public, charitable, educational, literary, fraternal, civic or religious purpose. The enterprise must be a 501(c)(3) organization and a copy of the tax-exempt document issued by the Internal Revenue Service is required (Section 13-20(b)(6)&(7), Columbia Code of Ordinances). 

If you would like to obtain a canning permit, please download and complete an application for a special permit, or obtain a paper copy of the form at the Business License Office located on the 5th Floor of the Daniel Boone Building at 701 East Broadway, Columbia, MO. Please attach a separate document that gives a brief description of the purpose of the canning event that is printed on the organization’s letterhead. You may e-mail the permit application and additional documentation to business.license@como.govcreate new email

Application For Special Permitopens PDF file