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City of Columbia Budget 101

How you spend money is a concrete expression of what is important to you. No matter your income level, each expenditure decision reflects your priorities at that point in time. Foremost on the list is always having a place to live and food on the table, and these basic costs of living can be a struggle for some people. Investing in college funds for your children, traveling, saving for a home, buying new tools or equipment – each financial decision for those fortunate to have some extra income is an example of how you have considered your options and made a choice.

The same is true for municipal finance. Each year the City develops and adopts a budget that reflects public policies and priorities. Decisions are made about what is most important to accomplish in the coming year, and how best to allocate limited resources to take care of today’s needs and also plan for tomorrow.

The “Budget 101” video on this page is designed to provide the Columbia community with a basic understanding of our budget process and how decisions are made. By working together as a community, we can ensure our budget meets local needs. Be a part of the key that unlocks the budget process by checking out the links below!

City of Columbia Budget 102 – The General Fund

The General Fund is used to finance and account for a large portion of essential city services for the City of Columbia. The General Fund is one of the largest and most important of the City’s funds because many governmental programs (like Police, Fire, Public Works and Parks and Recreation) are generally financed wholly or partially from it. The General Fund has a greater number and variety of revenue sources than any other fund, and its resources normally finance a wide range of activities, which we know are important to our community. The “Budget 102” video on this page is designed to provide the Columbia community with a basic understanding of the City of Columbia General Fund, how it is funded, what we spend it on, and what impacts those resources. To learn more about the City of Columbia and our Finances be sure to check out the links below!

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