Finance Department

Welcome to the City of Columbia Finance Department! The Finance Department is responsible for the administration, direction, and coordination of all financial services of the City. This includes: 

  • Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Business License
  • Financial planning, insurance and investments
  • Payroll
  • Purchasing
  • Treasury Management

For additional information on any of the functions performed by the Finance Department, please click on the appropriate link below:


  • Responsible for recording and reporting all financial transactions on an accurate and timely basis; preparing financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and issuing internal and special reports as required.  Click here to view Financial Reports.
  • Payroll services for employees of the City of Columbia

Accounts Payable

  • Responsible for processing payments of invoices for all 14 City Departments.

Administration & Financial Planning

  • Responsible for the administration, direction, coordination, and supervision of all financial functions and operations for the City. Click on the following link to learn the basic concepts of our budget process, how decisions are made and how you can get involved: Budget Education Videos 

Business Licensing

  • The Business License Division is a division of the City of Columbia Finance Department.  Authority for business licensing (Chapter 13), liquor licensing (Chapter 4), vehicles for hire (Chapter 28) and taxation (Chapter 26) is granted by the City of Columbia Code of Ordinances. 


  • Controls the procurement of materials, equipment and services for all departments, offices and agencies of the City. Responsible for setting standards and specifications for items to be purchased and for advertising and tabulation of bids. Assists City departments in obtaining contracts for services, preparation and issuance of purchase orders, materials management, and fixed asset inventory. Supervises the transfer or disposal of all surplus materials, supplies and equipment.

Risk Management 

  • Manages the self-insurance reserve fund which provides coverage for City’s workers’ compensation, as well as property and casualty claims.  

Treasury Management

  • Responsible for the cash management and investment of all City funds. This Division also oversees the cashiering operation which is responsible for collecting and processing utility bill payments. 




Contact Us:

Department Phone Number Email Address
Matthew Lue
Finance Director
(573) 874-7457
matthew.lue@como.govcreate new email

Jim McDonald
Assistant Finance Director

(573) 874-7388 james.mcdonald@como.govcreate new email
Kari Gruenberg
(573) 874-7337
kari.gruenberg@como.govcreate new email
Laura Peveler
Budget Officer
(573) 874-7541
laura.peveler@como.govcreate new email
Cale Turner
Purchasing Agent 
(573) 874-7375
cale.turner@como.govcreate new email
Janice Finley
Business Services Administrator
(573) 874-7747
janice.finley@como.govcreate new email
Sarah Perry
Risk Manager
(573) 874-7377
sarah.perry@como.govcreate new email