Right to Appeal Trial De Novo

If you have a trial in Municipal Court and the judge finds you guilty and assesses a fine or jail sentence, you can appeal his finding of guilty. You must file what is called a Request For a Trial De Novo. Forms for this are available at the Municipal Court Clerk’s Office. The Trial De Novo request must be filed within 10 days of the court’s decision in writing, you may pay a filing fee in the form of cash or money order to the Municipal Court or State Court. If you do those things you will receive a new trial in front of a State Judge or jury who will hear your case again and make whatever judgment they wish to make. If you pay any part of the fine assessed by the Municipal Court Judge, or you don’t file your request within the ten days in writing, or you abandon your Trial De Novo in State Court you do not get to have the Trial De Novo and the decision of the Municipal Judge is reinstated.