Parking Tickets

Pay Fines Online or by Phone

Parking tickets are not issued by the Municipal Court.  The court serves as a collection agency for payment of fines for parking violations.  Questions about the issuance of a ticket should be directed to the issuing agency.  Court personnel can direct these inquiries.

Parking ticket payments are due 15 days from issuance. Payment may be made at the following locations:

  • Violations Bureau, 600 E. Broadway, 2nd floor (for receipt)
  • Columbia Police Department, 6th & Walnut (no receipt)
  • Cashier’s Office, 701 E. Broadway (no receipt)

Payments made at the Police Department or Cashier’s Office after 9:00 AM will not be credited until the next business day.

Contesting a parking ticket:

A parking ticket may be contested by submitting a written statement to the municipal court identifying the ticket and stating the reason that the alleged violation should not be prosecuted. The statement shall contain the name and address of the person contesting the ticket. A separate statement shall be required for each ticket being contested. A written response shall be mailed to the person contesting the ticket within ten (10) business days of receiving the statement contesting the parking ticket. The response shall state whether the prosecutor intends to initiate prosecution for the alleged violation if the ticket is not paid.

Submit a parking ticket protest

Complete the Parking Ticket Protest Form, attach the ticket or a copy of the ticket and mail to:

City Prosecutors Office,
600 East Broadway,
Columbia, MO  65201

or fax it to:  (573) 874-7533

Parking Ticket Related Ordinances

Ordinances related to parking tickets and impoundments


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