City of Columbia Meeting Room Policy

Alternate Meeting Room Facilities in the Columbia, Missouriopens PDF file

The purpose of this policy is to set forth who may use meeting rooms owned by the City of Columbia in City Hall, for what purposes those rooms may be used, and the manner in which persons or entities may request the use of a meeting room.

This policy applies to the following meeting rooms in City Hall: City Council Chambers, Conference Rooms 1A and 1B, Conference Room 1C, City Hall Front Lobby, Daniel Boone Lobby, and the Mezzanine.

Use of Meeting Rooms and Reservations

Meeting rooms in City Hall are for official City of Columbia business; they are not intended to be used as community meeting rooms. City meeting rooms are available to City staff, City Boards, City Commissions, City Task Forces, and other official groups created by the City of Columbia for the purpose of carrying out City business. These groups may request the use of meeting rooms via the City of Columbia Media and Event Services Manager or his/her designee.

With authorization from the City Manager or his/her designee, City Hall meeting rooms may be used by other government officials; government agencies, elected officials, entities or organizations that have a contractual relationship with the City; organizations in which a City Council member or City employee is a member for professional development or other City-related public purposes.

Use of meeting rooms by any person or organization for election, campaign, political fund raising or other purposes contrary to federal, state or city law is not allowed. It will be up to the discretion of the City Manager and his/her designee to determine if the proposed use violates this policy.

Evening and weekend use of the Mezzanine is prohibited if space is available in Meeting Rooms 1A or 1B. Exceptions may be made by contacting the City of Columbia Media and Event Services Manager or his/her designee for approval at least two weeks in advance of the meeting date.

City activities have first priority therefore the City reserves the right to cancel any outside events as needed.


Utilization of a City Hall meeting room does not constitute City endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs. Meetings may not be publicized in any manner that suggests City sponsorship or affiliation. A point of contact shall be provided to the Media and Event Services Manager and all inquiries regarding the meeting must be directed to the organizational contact person. The City is not responsible for answering questions about a meeting or taking messages related to any meeting.

All activities taking place in the City Hall meeting rooms must be open to all citizens, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, marital status, disability , sexual orientation, or gender identity. It is the responsibility of the group to provide any and all reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The City reserves the right to attend any meeting held in its facilities and to establish a fee schedule to ensure any costs incurred in the use of any of its meetings rooms is reimbursed by the organization. Any person or organization utilizing the meeting room(s) shall be responsible for any damage to City facilities.

No admission fees or tuition may be charged to those in attendance, unless such fees are for the sole purpose of reimbursing the organization for actual expenses incurred and approved in advance by the City Manager or his/her designee.

Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted.

The use of City video and audio recording and broadcasting resources for any meeting of a group outside of the City of Columbia will require prior written authorization from the City Manager or his/her designee.

Parking will not be provided to any individual or organization without prior written authorization from the City Manager or his/her designee.