Trash Collection During Snow Storms

Trash collection is managed by the City of Columbia Solid Waste Utility, a division of City of Columbia Utilities. The men and women of the Solid Waste Utility have a difficult job that is made more difficult by winter weather conditions.  Their goal is to provide excellent customer service. Here are a few tips which will help collect your trash and recycling more efficiently during winter weather:

  • Place your collection materials as close the street as possible
  • Make sure your collection materials are not on of patches of ice if possible
  • Make sure your collection materials are not hidden beneath or behind snow banks
  • If the forecast calls for snow the night before your collection date, please consider waiting until morning to set out your trash  so that it doesn’t get covered by snow and become difficult to see.


During severe winter weather, should conditions become dangerous due to extreme snow accumulations or very dangerous wind chill temperatures, it is possible that collections may be suspended. Should that occur, the City of Columbia will issue press releases, social media posts, and perform additional outreach as needed to ensure our valued customers know when collections will resume.

Solid Waste Utility, City of Columbia Utilities

Manager: Steve Hunt
Phone: 573-874-CITY (2489)

Landfill/Material Recovery Facility

5700 Peabody Rd.
Columbia, MO 65202
Operational Hours: Mon-Fri, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Solid Waste Utility Website

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