Priority Neighborhoods



Priority Neighborhoods Flyer (pdf)

Any Neighborhood Association or Homeowners Association may apply to participate in the Priority Neighborhood for Snow pilot program. The Association coordinates with its residents to move all of their vehicles off of the roadway during a 4-inch snow event to make room for snow plows to work quickly and efficiently. The resulting goal is to improve the efficiency in plowing all residential streets.

Four Inches or More:

The Priority Neighborhood for Snow program is not initiated until snow accumulation has reached four inches (and not until all 1st and 2nd priority routes  have been plowed to a passable condition first). A passable condition  means a street can be traversed by a front-wheel drive vehicle at slow speeds. Priority Neighborhoods and all residential streets will also be plowed to a passable condition during a four-inch event.


During the winter of 2012-2013, Columbia Public Works developed a pilot project to determine if cars were moved off of residential streets in entire neighborhoods, could we complete snow removal operations more efficiently?  We reached out to the Neighborhood Associations (NA) and several responded. This pilot program will continue through the winter of 2020.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. A Neighborhood Association or Homeowners Association notifies Public Works prior to Dec. 15 of its interest in the Priority Neighborhood winter event program, and provides the names and emails of a primary and secondary contact person for their Association.
  2. Once it has met the requirements of the program, the Association contact person will be provided with the name and contact information of a designated Public Works staff member for winter events.
  3. The Association contact person will be notified by an email from the Public Works Department when a possible 4-inch snow event is in the forecast.
  4. Upon notification, the Association ensures that all vehicles in the neighborhood are removed from the roadway before 1st and 2nd priority routes are plowed to a passable condition.
  5. The Association contact person then notifies their designated contact person in Public Works, via e-mail, that ALL vehicles in their neighborhood have been moved off of the streets.
  6. If and when the winter weather event begins, City plows will focus on first and second priority routes throughout the City.
  7. If and when it snows more than 4 inches, and after 1st and 2nd priority routes have been plowed to a passable condition, plows will proceed to Priority Neighborhoods and all residential streets.

Current Priority Neighborhoods – as of 2020:

What is a Neighborhood or Homeowners Association?
More information about Neighborhood and Homeowners associations is available from the Community Development Department.


If your neighborhood would like to take the steps necessary to organize and apply to be a Priority Neighborhood for Snow events, please contact Columbia Public Works by sending an e-mail to