Optimization Routes

The City is piloting some new optimization routes to facilitate vehicle access to first/second priority routes as well as residential neighborhoods. 

  • Sunflower to La Mirada to Spanish Bay to Ventana to Sunflower
  • Payson to Ryefield to Cedar Falls to Reedsport Ridge to W. Broadway
  • Olympic Blvd from PP to Hanover
  • Lillian from Ballenger to Osage to Rice
  • Keystone from Chapel Hill to Chambray to Post Oak to north end of Grant
  • Kia from Southampton to Murifield to Sinclair
  • Copperstone Creek from Granite Springs to Frontgate to Vawter School
  • Dunbar from Forum to Highland Parkway
  • Julesburg Way from KK to Astoria to Scott
  • Eagle View Ct from RA Nursery to Timber Run
  • Bellingham from Sinclair to Cascades
  • Steeple Chase from Thornbrook Pkwy to SW end 
  • Columbia Gorge from Rolling Hills to Bates Creek to Augusta Briggs to Columbia Gorge to Rolling Hills