Snowy Sidewalks

Man Shoveling Snow
555 miles
. That’s the total length of sidewalks in Columbia’s city limits. School children, delivery services, and those with disabilities rely on sidewalks to move around. When winter weather strikes, it’s imperative that we all be good neighbors whether in a residential or business area, by clearing snow and ice from the sidewalks. 

We urge property owners to clear the sidewalks of snow and ice to provide safe walking environments for all of us who enjoy living and working in Columbia. While it’s the neighborly thing to do, it is also a city ordinance that sidewalks be kept clear of obstructions such as snow and ice.  City of Columbia Code of Ordinances 24-12 – Sidewalks opens in a new window and the Property Maintenance code section 302.3 regulate obstructions to sidewalks. The penalty for violation of this ordinance may be up to $500 per day. Enforcement of snow covered sidewalks is complaint driven. To file a complaint, please contact the Office of Neighborhood Services at 573-817-5050 opens in a new window or complete an online form opens in a new window

If you are physically unable to clear your sidewalks, there may be assistance available. Each year, wonderful volunteers from the community assist Services for Independent Living (SIL) with coming to the aid of local seniors and individuals who have a disability. These volunteers help with the snow removal of sidewalks and driveways to help make it safe for people to get out of their homes. SIL serves low-income seniors and individuals who have a disability with our volunteer services. If you are interested in volunteering or need assistance please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 573-874-1646, ext. 223 opens in a new window for more information.


Pilot Project

During the 2013-2014 snow season, the City of Columbia conducted a pilot project to examine realistic ways in which sidewalks in residential areas may be cleared on a priority basis. The pilot project  did not produce the expected results. Thus, in 2014 the pilot project was discontinued.


Contact Community Development at 573-817-5050 opens in a new window or complete an online form opens in a new window.