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Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Award 2017Columbia Public Works is responsible for snow and ice management on designated City streets. There are 1,350 lane miles of streets including 470 desginated snow routes and 1,100 cul-de-sacs. 

The American Public Works Association (APWA) presented the Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Award to Columbia Public Works at the APWA North American Snow Conference in Des Moines, Iowa, on April 24, 2017. 

City, County and State agencies are responsible for treating and plowing different roads and streets in the Columbia area:

  • Columbia plows and treats roadways within the City limits not covered by other agencies.
  • Boone County plows county roads which may be on or inside the border of the city limits.
  • The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) plows major state roadways which run through the city limits, such as Providence Road, College Avenue, Stadium Boulevard and others.

All agencies cooperate with a “plow down” policy regardless of which road jurisdiction a plow truck is on. (So if you see a truck with its plow up, there is a reason…for example a road treatment may have just been put down so the plow driver doesn’t want to remove it too quickly.)

Plow Truck Color Key
Agency COLOR Description
Boone County RED Boone County Resource Management trucks are typically red.
City of Columbia WHITE City of Columbia trucks are typically white.
State of Missouri YELLOW MoDOT trucks are typically yellow.