Snow Policies for 2 inches of Snow


Snow events with 2 inches (or more) of snow 

Whenever snow accumulates more than 2 inches on the roadway, any vehicle parked on a designated snow route must be moved off of the roadway immediately per City Ordinance14-304. By removing vehicles from priority snow routes, plows are able to quickly and efficiently make priority roads passable by a front-wheel drive vehicle. The fine for failing to move a vehicle from a priority snow route is $100 plus towing and storage charges.

Snow Route No Parking Sign

962-iccube-pkIce Storms

In mid-Missouri, no ice event is exactly the same. Many factors come into play, including air and pavement temperature, precipitation type(s), duration of the event and the forecast to name a few. Operational decisions must often be made quickly and conditions can change rapidly. Generally speaking, an ice event is considered by policy as a winter event of less than 4 inches of snow. That means, crews will concentrate on 1st and 2nd priority routes exclusively as it requires multiple treatments to fight off an active freezing rain/drizzle/fog event.  An operational decision will be made regarding if and when crews treat other residential streets (Crews may be called back to priority routes at any time without notice according to changing road and weather conditions).

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