CoMo Energy Challenge Efficiency Timeline  
This timeline will help you prioritize all of the things you can do to save energy at home. Feel free to share with family & friends.

Interactive Lighting Guide by ENERGY STAR opens in a new window
All of the lighting choices now-a-days can be overwhelming. Use this ENERGY STAR® Interactive Lighting Guide to determine which energy efficient bulb is best for each room in your home.

Renter’s Guide to Energy Efficiency opens in a new window
Saving energy means saving money! Learn what you can do to save money and energy, even if you don’t own your home.

Home Energy Efficiency Tour opens in a new window
Boone Electric has a great tool where you can take a virtual tour of a home and learn all of the places and ways you can save energy along the way–and it’s fun! No matter who your electric provider is, they have rebates to help.

ENERGY STAR Home Advisor opens in a new window
With the ENERGY STAR® Home Advisor, you can create a profile of your home’s energy efficiency features and get a prioritized list of energy-saving recommendations customized to your home.