The CoMo Energy Challenge was Columbia’s campaign for the Georgetown University Energy Prize opens in a new window. The Georgetown University Energy Prize was a 2 year, nationwide competition among 50 cities to see who could reduce the most energy–and do it in an innovative way that involves the whole community!

The Prize? $5 million dollars to advance community energy efficiency projects! opens in a new window

We had your help showing the country our competitive side by saving energy to win the Prize, and a creating a better quality of life for all Columbians.

Saving energy saves you money on your utility bill, is good for the environment, and can make your home more comfortable year round–if you do it the right way. Our hope is that over the course of the 2 year competition, residents of Columbia (you!) took saving energy into your own hands by learning what you can do personally to save, what energy efficient upgrades you can make to your home (both small and large, own or rent), and by telling your friends they can do it too.

Follow along with our continuing efforts to reduce carbon emissions in Columbia with the Office of Sustainability.

Thank you!

Georgetown University Energy Prize