Participate in the Challenge.

It’s easy to participate in the CoMo Energy Challenge! All you have to do is like us on Facebook, comment that you’ve joined the Challenge, and start saving energy at home!

  1. Like us on Facebook opens in a new window to join the challenge! You’ll also receive energy saving tips and tricks, stay up to date on the competition, and learn about contests along the way! P.S. we’re also on Twitter opens in a new window @CoMoChallenge
  2. Keep your eye out because we’ll be at local events all year long giving away cool prizes to help you become more energy efficient
  3. If you haven’t already, get a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® assessment. Making energy saving upgrades to your home through Home Performance can save energy and money for many years to come

Often times, the first step towards saving energy at home, is to get a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR assessment. Your electric utility (Columbia Water and Light opens in a new window/ Boone Electric opens in a new window) offers rebates on the assessment itself as well as the upgrades your contractor could recommend.

Think of a Home Performance assessment as a “check-up” for your home. When you aren’t feeling well, you go to the doctor who provides you with a prescription to cure your ailments. A Home Performance contractor is your home’s energy doctor, and will check your home and provide you with a list of energy efficient upgrades (a prescription) to make to your home that will make it use energy more efficiently.

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