1. Sustainable / livable communities
  2. Accessibility, mobility, and connectivity
  3. Economic development
  4. Environmental management
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Intergovernmental cooperation
  7. Land use and growth management




What is the Plan?

Goals, objectives, policies, & strategies for planning the City's growth & development.

Seven Elements:

  • Livable, sustainable communities
  • Mobility, connectivity & accessibility
  • Intergovernmental cooperation
  • Infrastructure
  • Environmental management
  • Economic development
  • Land use & growth management

Who are we?

Existing conditions

  • History
  • Growth patterns & trends
  • Natural & built environment

Community Treasures

  • Buildings & places
  • Institutions
  • Natural resources
  • Employers
  • Infrastructure

What do we care about?

Issues and opportunities

  • The way we live
  • The way we "Green"
  • The way we grow
  • The way we move
  • The way we finance
  • The way we prosper

Where are we headed?

Land use, Public Facility, and Infrastructure Mapping; Growth Scenarios


  • Objectives
  • Policies
  • Strategies

How to get there?

"To Do List"

  • Development Code Updates
  • Capital Improvement Program
  • Land Management Policies and Programs

Plan approval

Planning and Zoning Commission:

  • Public Hearing
  • Approval

City Council

  • Public Hearings
  • Adoption by Ordinance
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What is the Plan?

Presentation: Power Point Version - PDF Version

Video: May 4, 2011 Comprehensive Plan Meeting

Your friends and neighbors on the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Comprehensive Plan Task Force are preparing a new comprehensive plan for the City of Columbia.

What is a comprehensive plan?
A general plan with goals, objectives, and policies, maps and graphics that provide a common reference for citizens and decision makers on the desired future growth and development of the City.

What does a plan do?
A comprehensive plan expresses a community vision for how the City should develop by articulating goals, objectives, and policies to shape development. The plan guides decisions on annexations, grants, public land purchases, transportation investments, zoning classifications, housing assistance, incentives for economic development, and more. Plans include “to-do” lists of actions and tasks to accomplish the goals and objectives. A good plan is needed for development regulations like zoning to be effective.

Why is Columbia doing a new comprehensive plan? The City has grown significantly since its current plan, Metro 2020, was adopted in 2001. Nearly 25,000 more persons reside in a city that is almost eight square miles larger than it was when Metro 2020 was begun. Imagine Columbia’s Future, our community-wide visioning process, recommends that the City do more comprehensive and inclusive planning.

What will the new plan address?
The Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission is charged with preparing a plan “for the physical development of the city and uses of land in the city.” The City Council, by resolution, has outlined various topics the plan may address, such as: land use, transportation, neighborhoods, economic development, parks, environmental management, and growth management.

How will the plan be made?
With your help, of course! The plan follows six phases. Each phase of the planning process builds on the previous phase. Your input will define the plan, as you will help us select the information about the City’s heritage, values, and development that is most relevant; identify and frame issues; shape the goals, objectives and policies; and identify strategies for how we reach our goals. With your support, the Planning and Zoning Commission will deliver a plan to the City Council that reflects the perspective of a broad cross-section of our community. The directions we choose will reflect a foundation in facts and values, a thorough airing and framing of issues, and a realistic appraisal of how we can get there.

How do I stay informed & involved? Visit the plan web site; follow the plan on Facebook; sign up for our listserv; attend meetings, speak, and fill out comment sheets in person or online; visit community centers and involve others in citywide dialogue with your circle of friends, family, and associates.

For more information: Contact the Department of Planning & Development by e-mail or by phone (573) 874-7239

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