Columbia Imagined, The Plan for How We Live and Grow

Columbia Imagined, The Plan for How We Live and Grow

Columbia Imagined, the city of Columbia's new comprehensive plan, provides common guidelines for citizens and decision makers in determining the city's future growth. It will influence our neighborhoods and public places, development, job creation, transportation options, and the overall vitality of our community.

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What’s Important To Us?

In early 2012, community meetings were conducted as well as online and printed surveys utilized, that asked community members to identify some of their favorite aspects of living in Columbia.

house and flowersParticipants were also asked for input concerning issues that affect our growth and development. The top issues identified include: Transportation, Jobs & Economic Development, Health Care, Community Safety, Housing, Neighborhoods/Quality of Life, Education, Use of Space, Community Participation, Downtown, Recreation, Managing Change

See the results of the favorites and issue mapping exercises.

Where Are We Headed?

family riding bicycles on a trailBuilding upon earlier discussions, public meetings were held in April and May, where community members were asked to set goals for the plan and identify specific objectives related to the 12 top issues identified as affecting growth and development. After reviewing nearly 500 goals and 1,000 objectives, a list of the top 35 were identified.

These 35 specific goals and accompanying objectives will be used in preparing the written draft of Columbia Imagined.

Review the goals/objectives.

What’s Next?

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Plan Implementation

The plan's 70 action items require assistance from many skakeholders within the community. To follow the plan's implementation and to participate in achieving the plan's goals and objectives, view the Implementation Report Card.

Review the Implementation Report Card

Columbia Imagined Status Update