Unified Development Code: Text Amendments

The Planning and Zoning Commission, along with City staff, are drafting amendments to how the following specific uses are regulated in the City’s Unified Development Code (UDC): Retail, General; Personal Services; Office; Physical Fitness Center; and Artisan Industry uses; revisions also include a new use to be called “Accessory Commercial Kitchen”. Revised sections include 29-1.11 [Definitions], 29-3.2 [Permitted Use Table]; and 29-3.3 [Use-Specific Standards].

Use-Specific Standards are additional standards used by communities to place limitations on or apply technical standards to certain land uses so that potential land-use impacts are mitigated by better integrating these uses into the natural and built environment. They may limit a use in certain zones, provide size limits, or describe additional design standards. These amendments clarify existing language, create standards for some conditional uses, and makes those uses permitted by-right if those additional criteria are met.

A public meeting on these amendments will be held before the Planning and Zoning Commission on Thursday, April 22. If you wish to provide additional comments and are unable to attend the public hearing, you may submit written comments to planning@como.govcreate new email or call (573) 874-7239.

Draft Amendments

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