Traffic Counts

    2015 Traffic Counts Map- MoDOT Central District

    2015 Traffic Counts Map – Columbia Only

    2013 Traffic Counts Map

    2012 Traffic Counts Map – MoDOT Central District

    2012 Traffic Counts Map – Columbia Only

    2009 Traffic Counts Map

    2009 Columbia Traffic Count Summary

    The following table contains the traffic count information for selected roadways collected by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), Boone County, and the City of Columbia.

    The majority of the traffic counts were taken during March, April, and May of each collection year. The traffic counts listed are all non-directional, 24 hour weekday totals or average daily trips (ADT). No counts were taken on weekends, holidays, or during Spring break.

    Traffic Count Information for Selected Roadways

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