Columbia Imagined Five Year Status Report

The Planning and Zoning Commission, along with City staff, are currently working on a 5-year Status Report for “Columbia Imagined – The Plan for How We Live & Grow” which is the City of Columbia’s comprehensive land use plan. Columbia Imagined was adopted by the City Council on October 7, 2013. The Plan provides residents, appointed boards and commissions, and elected officials with guidance on land use, growth management and quality of life considerations.

The Status Report will provide the City Council with an evaluation of the plan’s goals and objectives, implementation efforts to-date, and present recommendations for new and evolving trends and community priorities that would be incorporated into the next full plan update anticipated to begin in early 2022. The Status Report will also provide opportunities for renewed public engagement with community stakeholders and residents relating to the City’s comprehensive planning process. Click here for an informational brochure summarizing this process.opens PDF file

After a three-month public input process, a draft report and executive summary are available. A public meeting on these documents will be held before the Planning and Zoning Commission on Thursday, December 10. If you wish to provide additional comments and are unable to attend the public hearing, you may submit written comments to planning

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