2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

The 2040 LRTP was approved by the CATSO Coordinating Committee on February 27, 2014.

2040 LRTP Executive Summary

2040 LRTP

Administrative Revision January, 2015 (MPA Boundary Map Revision)


Appendix A: Functional Class of Roadways

Appendix B: Bicycle/Pedestrian Network Plan

Appendix C: 2012 Sidewalk Master Plan Project List and Map

Appendix D: Local Freight Haulers

Appendix E: Agency Street Design Standards

Appendix G: CATSO Major Roadway Plan (MRP) Map

Appendix H: Survey Results – Goals, Objectives, Priorities, and Needs

Appendix I: Traffic Analysis (TAZ) Map

Appendix J: CATSO New Roadway Projects/Level of Service Projects

Appendix K: Survey Results – Comments on Plan Draft and Written Public Comments Received

Appendix L: Transportation Development Districts (TDDs)

Appendix M: Boone County Revenue Projections

Appendix N: City of Columbia Revenue Projections

Appendix O: Projected State Funding

Appendix P: Projected Federal Funding for All Modes

Appendix Q: CATSO 2040 Roadway Plan by Segment/Project Status

Appendix R: Long Range Street Projects

Appendix S: Pedestrian and Bicycle Projects

Appendix T: GetAbout Bike/Multi-Use Route Maps