Columbia Area Transportation Study Organization (CATSO)


The Columbia Area Transportation Study Organization (CATSO) was created in 1964 and designated as a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) by the Governor of Missouri. As the designated MPO, the Columbia Area Transportation Study Organization is responsible for ensuring a coordinated transportation planning process with the Metropolitan area.

The CATSO Transportation Plan for the Columbia Metropolitan Area is developed and adopted by the MPO. The Transportation Plan contains elements covering roadways, transit, bicycles, and pedestrian facilities. The City of Columbia Department of Planning and Development provides the staff support for all CATSO activities along with producing plans and reports for MPO review and approval.


CATSO relies on two committees to perform its planning functions, the Technical Committee and the Coordinating Committee. These two committees meet on a quarterly basis to review local requests for grant funding from the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration and to act on transportation plans which will receive federal funding.

The Technical Committee is comprised of staff level planners, engineers, and other transportation professionals from Boone County, the Missouri Department of Transportation, and the City of Columbia. This committee is responsible for the review of the technical aspects of various plans, studies, and reports.

The Coordinating Committee is the policy making group which directs the activities of the technical committee and approves plans and documents prepared on behalf of the MPO. The members of the Coordinating Committee include upper level city and county staff members, Missouri Department of Transportation staff, Federal Highway Administration staff, Federal Transit Administration staff, a representative from the Boone County Commission, and the Mayor of the City of Columbia. The Coordinating Committee is responsible for the approval of all MPO plans, studies, and reports and holds public hearings to solicit citizen comments.

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The CATSO office is located in the Community Development Department, Fifth Floor of the Historic Daniel Boone Building, 701 E. Broadway, Columbia, MO. CATSO’s mailing address is City of Columbia – CATSO, Community Development Department, P.O. Box 6015, Columbia, MO 65205-6015. CATSO can also be reached at 573.874.7239; TTY: 573.874.6364; Fax: 573.874.7546; and planning@como.govcreate new email.