Annexation, Subdivision, & Zoning Application Forms

Notice of Application for a Conditional Use Permit

A complete application package shall be submitted prior to 12:00 p.m. on the application deadline date as indicated on the Submittal Schedule 2021opens PDF file (dates are subject to change) to the Community Development Department prior to the commencement of project/request reviews.

An application will be considered completed upon submittal of:

  1. A completed application
  2. Full payment of applicable fees
  3. Completion of the associated worksheets (if applicable)

Incomplete applications may result in processing delays.

 The application form shall be completed for the following types of planning and development review requests:

  1. Annexation & permanent zoning
  2. Concept reviews for planned development and subdivisions
  3. Easement vacations for utilities, rights-of-way, and dedications/re-dedications
  4. Final, preliminary, and replats of subdivision
  5. Planned districts and major/minor amendments (revisions)
  6. Rezoning/zoning
  7. Variances to the subdivision regulations or other development codes

Associated worksheets referenced in the Development Review Applications are shown below.

Planned Development


Petition for Voluntary Annexation