Parking and Traffic Management Task Force July Table of Contents

  1. parking-and-traffic-management-taskforce-resolution (July 13, 2016).  A resolution establishing the Parking and Traffic Management Task Force.
  2. sga-final-parking-recommendations (July 13, 2016). Consultant report from the parking workshop in fall of 2015, which the taskforce was advised to use as a guide to make recommendations for best parking and traffic management practices.
  3. draft-udo-md-t-district-parking-requirements (July 13, 2016) UDO M-DT (downtown) parking requirement for residential development, which is .25 parking spaces per bedroom (1 per four bedrooms) onsite or within 0.5 miles.
  4. 2011-final-taskforce-report-review (July 27, 2016). Final report, including staff updates, of the Parking Task Force appointed in July, 2011.
  5. c-2-amendment-b245-14a (July 27, 2016). Amendment to Chapter 29 of City Code as it relates to street-side non-residential first floor space in C-2 district, tall structures, and residential parking in C-2 zoning district.  Provided the definition for the C-2 District Definition [area between Broadway (from Providence Road to Hitt Street) and Ninth Street (south side of Walnut Street to Elm Street)]. 
  6. clarions-response-to-no-parking-requirements-for-m-dt (July 27, 2016). Clarion Associates stated that they did not provide a parking requirement because the market tends to address parking demands in one of three ways: (1) complaints about a shortage of inexpensive parking incentivize a public parking authority to construct more parking; (2) prospects of revenue from parking incentivize private sector to construct more parking and make it available to public for a price; (3) tenants, residents, and users of downtown buildings tend to drive and park less.
  7. transportation-development-charge (July 27, 2016). The idea of a transportation development charge, (a fee in lieu of building required parking), proposed by a task force member.
  8. task-force-information-resources (July 27, 2016). Information resources on parking and traffic management provided by task force member.