Parking and Traffic Management Task Force November Table of Contents

November 9, 2016 meeting:

  1. proposed-parking-and-traffic-management-taskforce-timeline (November 9, 2016). Proposed timeline for remaining meetings.
  2. working-draft-of-taskforce-recommendations (November 9, 2016). This is the draft of the task force recommendations that was presented to the task force at the November 9, 2016 meeting.  This does not contain the changes recommended by task force members.
  3. parking-permit-management-strategy-suggestions (November 9, 2016). Optional recommendations related to managing downtown parking permits that the task force may consider.
  4. strategy-for-finalizing-specific-sub-committee-recommendations (November 9, 2016). Template subcommittees could use when completing additional recommendations related to their specific charge they would like added to the final task force report.

November 16, 2016 meeting:

  1. working-draft-of-taskforce-recommendations-ptmtf-11-16-16 (November 16, 2016).  This is the draft of the task force recommendations that were presented to the task force at the November 16, 2016 meeting.  This contains the changes recommended by task force members at the November 9, 2016 meeting.
  2. strategy-for-finalizing-specific-sub-committee-recommendations-ptmtf-11-16-16 (November 16, 2016). Since most of our discussion has focused on downtown parking management problems and strategies, we’ve made a slight change to the timeline and decided to try to guide the subcommittees to look at problems and strategies specific to their individual charges sooner than later. This document is a template for how to approach this (documents that include identified problems and strategies are also provided).
  3. identified-problems-related-to-parking-ptmtf-11-16-16 (November 16, 2016). This document lists sub-committee specific problems that have already been identified. The sub-committees can review and add more problems if they feel the need. Mainly this document is meant to lend to the sub-committee brainstorming process.
  4. parking-management-strategy-suggestions-ptmtf-11-16-16 (November 16, 2016).  This document includes all of the parking permit management strategy suggestions from the last two meetings, as well as additional suggestions by task force members and staff. Topics have been categorized by sub-committees.
  5. Do Cities Have Too Much Parking? (November 16, 2016).