Parking and Traffic Management Task Force August Table of Contents

  1. Downtown Parking Map (August 10, 2016).  Map displaying parking in and around downtown area. Map includes City lots and garages, private lots and garages, MU lots and garages, and metered parking.
  2. spreadsheet-for-downtown-parking-map  (Created October 20, 2016). Supplemental document to the Downtown Parking Map containing raw and summarized data on parking in the area outlined in the map. 
  3. residential-parking-requirements-waivers  (August 10, 2016). Proposed M-DT residential parking requirements: MD-T parking requirements have not changed much from what is currently included in the C-2 [0.25/spaces per bedroom required (on-site or within .5 miles) and parking waivers are not spelled out as specifically as they are in C-2, but parking alternatives can be granted on a case by case basis]. Other cities and their approach to parking was mentioned within the PowerPoint (Missoula, MT; Ft. Collins, CO; Naperville, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Portland, OR).
  4. summary-of-recent-residential-development-and-parking-provided-as-a-result (August 10, 2016)
  5. parking-needs-downtown-houses-of-worship (August 24, 2016).  Report outlining the issues of concern and needs for churches in the downtown area.  Additional documents were provided:first-presbyterian-activities mum-activitieparking-adjacent-to-dowtown-houses-of-worship
  6. downtown-fee-in-lieu-parking-managment-programs (August 24, 2016).  Information about fee in lieu and parking management programs.  Outlined programs currently being used in other cities.
  7.  parking-structure-cost-outlook-for-2015 (August 24, 2016). As of March 2015, statistical data indicates that the median construction cost for a new parking structure is $18,599 per space and $55.66 per square foot. 
  8. city-of-columbia-parking-garage-information (August 24, 2016). Outlines previous costs to build city parking garages and the cost per downtown parking garage space. 
  9. parking-garages-quick-facts-list (August 24, 2016).  List of facts for City of Columbia parking garages.
  10. urban-planners-new-enemy (August 24, 2016).