How to Report Code Issues to the Office of Neighborhood Services

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What kinds of code issues does the Office of Neighborhood Services handle?

The Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS) handles the following types of health and property maintenance code issues:

  • Residential housing exterior – Common code violations include peeling paint, gutters damaged or full of debris, deteriorating siding, broken windows, damaged sidewalks and driveways, and unmaintained sheds and fencing.
  • Rental housing tenant complaints – In order to legally rent a home or apartment within the City of Columbia, properties must be registered with ONS and inspected for code compliance.  In addition to maintaining the exterior of the structure correctly, landlords must also properly maintain the interior of the structure. Examples of interior issues found by ONS inspectors include broken windows and doors, malfunctioning appliances (including furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters), malfunctioning electrical systems, inadequate plumbing, and missing fire extinguishers. 
  • Nuisance violations – City of Columbia ordinances have several rules regarding what residents can have on their property. Common violations of this code include accumulations of junk/trash/debris on a property, tall weeds (in excess of 12 inches in height), and aesthetics (including but not limited to appliances, tires, and furniture intended for indoor use only).
  • Vehicles – ONS enforces ordinances related to vehicles on private property. Common violations are unlicensed, junk-filled, and inoperable vehicles. Please note: issues involving vehicles in the street or blocking a sidewalk should be reported by calling 311.

How do I report violations to the Office of Neighborhood Services?

  • For property maintenance, nuisance, and vehicles on private property issues, you can submit a complaint via our online form, or you can call 573.817.5050.
  • If you are a tenant wishing to file a complaint, please complete this form.  

If you have already submitted a complaint and the issue still exists, it is possible the violator is still within their timeframe to resolve the issue or there is pending abatement or prosecution action. Please contact uscreate new email or provide your contact information on your report form if you would like an update. 

Please visit the City of Columbia’s problem reporting webpage for all other reporting issues.