Rental Assistance, CDBG-CV Neighborhood Engagement and Post COVID Housing Securities

Rental Assistance Providers

Utility Assistance

Round 3 CDBG-CV Funding

The City of Columbia has been awarded an additional $737,588 in Community Development Block Grant funding through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act signed into law on March 27, 2020 (CDBG-CV). Funds must be allocated towards CDBG eligible activities that help communities prevent, prepare and respond to the coronavirus.
Columbia residents were invited to sign up for one of four virtual public engagement sessions available the evenings of October 28th and October 29th. These virtual public engagement sessions are one of several opportunities to provide public comment regarding community priorities for housing and community development needs resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Participant responses from each group can be found below. 

Post COVID Housing Security

Mid-Missouri Legal Services, the City of Columbia Housing Programs Division and other local partners provided an informational session for citizens impacted by housing instability due to the impacts of COVID-19. This session highlighted tenant and homeowner rights and actions households can take to protect their current housing, as well as local resources to assist with rent, mortgage and utilities. If you missed any information from the meeting or were unable to attend, you can still catch the recorded meeting:  Post COVID Housing Security Video-July 23, 2020

Neighborhood Engagement: CDBG COVID-19 Recovery Funds

The Community Development Department, Housing Programs Division hosted five virtual neighborhood engagement meetings in an effort to gather input on priority housing and community development needs resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. Additional CDBG COVID-19 background information is below as well as the participant responses. 

CDBG COVID Public Engagement, April 15, 2020

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