Housing Programs Division

2020 Affordable Housing Summit

The City of Columbia Housing Programs Division, Columbia Chamber of Commerce, and other local community partners hosted the Affordable Housing Summit on Thursday, February 27, 2020. The summit featured Tony Perez, a nationally recognized expert on missing middle housing.  It was very exciting to have such a large turnout of Columbia citizens from so many different backgrounds that care about furthering affordable housing in our community, with approximately  250 attendees at the event.  

The event was a great opportunity to observe additional housing designs to expand more affordable housing options in our community.  The City of Columbia and its partners have hosted several events and meetings over the past 5 years on affordable housing needs in our community as it relates to social justice.  The 27th event marked the start of a more technical and in-depth conversation of how we can actionably support the production of more affordable housing options in our community and to ensure what we produce reflects the household needs of our community.
Please find “Key Takeaways” shared by event attendees, as well as the slide presentation below.  Pictures from the event can be viewed at opens in a new windowFacebook.com/comohpd .

For more information, contact the Housing Programs Division at Randall.Cole@Como.gov or 573.874.6321.

City of Columbia – Housing and Community Development Needs Survey for FY 2021

2020 – 2024 Consolidated Plan


Team Mission: Administer federal and local funds to meet housing and community development needs in Columbia.

The Housing Programs Division oversees the implementation of federal funds received through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME).  These funds meet a variety of housing, infrastructure and economic development needs for low to moderate income households and neighborhoods. The Housing Programs Division also staffs the Columbia Community Land Trust and supports the stewardship of the City’s investments in affordable housing.

What we do:

City Council’s Policy Funding Resolution supports annual funding amounts as follows:


  • 25-40% Affordable Housing
  • 20-50% Infrastructure
  • 10-50% Economic Development
  • 0-30%   Community Facilities
  • 0-5%     Fair Housing
  • 0-18%   Administration


  • 15% Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO)
  • 75% Rehabilitation, new construction (rental or owner occupied), homebuyer assistance
  • 10% Administration

CDBG and HOME funded activities are guided by needs, goals, and deliverables as identified in the Consolidated Plan