Burglary Prevention from CPD

Brazen Burglars Enter Unlocked Homes While Residents Sleep

After investigating a string of residential burglaries that occurred while residents were home, the Columbia Police Department (CPD) is reminding citizens to keep doors and windows locked at all times.

Over 550 residential burglaries have been investigated by CPD this year, and the number continues to grow. Patterns show that burglars are targeting duplex and apartment buildings with a high concentration of students. Approximately 50% of these burglaries have occurred in the south part of Columbia. Burglars are banking on unlocked doors and windows for entry.

In September, Chief of Police Ken Burton warned citizens of the rising burglary reports in Columbia’s City Source Newsletter. At that time, nearly half of the burglary reports CPD has taken this year included no-forced entry.

Homeowners and residents are the first line of defense in ensuring their home is not the next target. CPD reminds citizens to “LOCK, POP, and DROP,” that is— LOCK all doors and windows, and ensure garage doors are closed at all times. POP the lights on and give your home the appearance that someone is there. DROP the blinds/curtains over windows to prevent burglars from casing your home.

Be a good neighbor. If you notice any suspicious activity or people in your neighborhood, report it to law enforcement immediately. It is imperative we work together as a community to deter this unwelcome crime. You can find more burglary prevention tips and videos on CPD’s website under “Crime Prevention Tips.”

Posted 11-9-15