Site Development

Plan Submittal Process

Land Disturbance

Work in Rights of Way

A right of way permit is needed any time work is performed within the public right of way or easement. The right of way includes the grass area between the property line and the curb. Permits are needed for constructing or reconstructing sidewalks or driveways and for street cuts for utility or sewer work. Permits are also needed to perform grading or construction within drainage easements, work such as storm pipe extensions and bank stabilization require a permit. All work must be completed in conformance with the applicable city specifications and standards. Should work in the right of way require the temporary closure or partial closure of a street or sidewalk, please refer to the  application for Street/Sidewalk Closure and Restriction for Construction & Repairs shown below. For questions regarding right of way permits, contact Building and Site Development at 573-874-7474.

Stormwater Management

Floodplain Development

A Floodplain Development Permit is needed anytime work is performed within a regulatory floodplain. The City participates in the National Flood Insurance Program which requires city ordinance and enforcement of floodplain development regulations. The boundaries of the floodplains are established by the Federal Emergency Agency FEMA. Floodplain maps are published by FEMA. Community Development reviews applications for floodplain development. Any land disturbing activity within the regulatory floodplain requires a permit. The city ordinances pertaining to floodplain regulations are found in Section 29-2.3(d). For information regarding floodplain development permits, contact the Building and Site Development at 573-874-7474.