Building Permits

Please click on the following link to read an important announcement regarding guidance related to COVID-19 for residential and commercial construction

Residential – New one and two family dwelling construction, commonly called the “one-stop permit process” is organized with the professional home builder in mind. This permitting process is intended to expedite the issuance of building permits for new one and two family dwellings. This does not mean that the process is not intended for the one-time owner builder. 

Commercial – All multi-family (more than two dwelling units) and commercial building projects go through a formal plan review, permitting and inspection process. These building occupancy types include, but are not limited to, multi-family, office, retail sale, business, storage, institutional, hazardous and assembly. Construction documents, special inspections and structural observation programs and other data shall be submitted with each application for plan review and building permit. The construction documents shall be prepared by a design professional registered with the State of Missouri. For detailed information on the plan review process, see the links below. For a detailed description of these processes, call the Building and Site Development Division at 573-874-7474 to learn more from a building inspector.

Updated Permit Applications for FY2017

Please note: for printable versions of paper applications, please click permit type below. You may also use the Citizen Self-Service Portal to apply online by clicking the following link:

Citizen Self-Service Portal

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