Columbia Imagined Implementation Report Card

Report progress on one or more implementation actions


Public Prioritization


Time Frame / Progress

Community Partners
Community Partners
Implementation Type: Policy

Participants & Stakeholders:
Boone County Center on Aging, Boone County Family Resources, Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission, Columbia Public Works, Columbia Transit, CoMET, Disabilities Commission, MACC, OATS, Services for Independent Living

Primary Indicator(s):
Evaluate routes and system model

Evaluation Criteria:
Routes and system model changes reflect evaluation; Ridership increases

Milestones/ Work Products to Date:
COMO Connect Route Redesign fall 2014; AVLs on buses and GPS technology apps

Supporting Documents / Resources:

No supporting documents available.


  • Implementation Type: What tool or legal instrument will accomplish the policies, strategies and actions?
  • Primary Indicator(s): What will have to change or be developed?
  • Evaluation Criteria: How to measure success? (may include short-term target, e.g. code amendment adopted, followed by long-term results such as an increase or decrease of a targeted element)

Time Frame Measurements (as defined by Columbia Imagined, p. 150):

  • Short-Term: 1-2 years Short-Term: 1-2 years
  • Medium-Term: 3-5 years Medium-Term: 3-5 years
  • Long-Term: More than 5 years Longterm more than 5 years
  • Action Complete Complete

Is the action item appropriate for the Planning and Zoning Commission’s annual work program, or will the PZC and staff need to collaborate with Community Partners?

  • PZC Work ProgramPZC Work Program
  • Community Partners Community Partners