2019 Telly Awards

Student Diversity Writing 2019

Columbia area high school students perform their poems on the topic of diversity. Featured at the 2019 Annual Columbia Values Diversity Awards ceremony.

Telly Award Winner: Silver

Our Journey to Fair Housing

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act (1968), Our Journey features first-hand accounts of local activists and homeowners who lived through that time.

Telly Award Winner: Silver (Diversity), Bronze (Documentary)

Taste [Beer]

The Taste series highlights unique characteristics of Columbia culture.

Telly Award Winner: Silver

2018 Telly Awards

CPD Officer Profile: Keisha Edwards

School Resource Officer Keisha Edwards describes her “non-traditional” police work at Rock Bridge High School in Columbia, MO.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

Destination : Columbia, Missouri

Columbia, Missouri: A great place to live, work, learn, and play!

Telly Award Winner: Silver

2017 Telly Awards

License to Wed: Municipal Marriage in Columbia

There’s a new place in town to get married but you have to make it through the metal detector first.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

Housing the Homeless: When Housing Comes First

The City of Columbia is addressing the city’s homelessness concerns with a new Housing-First model that puts homeless people in housing before providing them with case management and services to address the issues that have contributed to their homeless condition.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

2016 Telly Award

Reflections on Sharp End

Sharp End was once the cultural heart of Columbia, Missouri’s black community. Over the last year, the Sharp End Heritage Committee has made an effort to immortalize the area that once existed between Fifth and Sixth Streets on Walnut. In May 2015, the City put up a plaque on Walnut Street memorializing the area.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

2015 Telly Awards

Plastic Recycling Stream POV

Ever wonder what happens to your recyclables once they leave your curbside? Get a point of view perspective into the cycle of recycle plastic material as it cycles through purchasing, consuming, disposing, sorting and finally being bound and shipped from the City of Columbia’s material Recovery Facility.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

Columbia Public Art Tour

Columbia’s collection of public art can now be experienced on your mobile device. Use the free mobile app to guide you on a tour of more than 35 pieces of public art around town. Each stop on the tour includes photos, written and audio descriptions, and geo-location mapping to guide you along the way.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

Public Service Announcement: Housing Assistance Programs 

30-second animated commercial highlighting the value of energy efficiency and raising awareness of free and low-interest grant-funded housing maintenance assistance available through the City of Columbia Community Development Department.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

2014 Telly Awards

Artist in Residence, Beth Nybeck at Battle High School

Artist Beth Nybeck’s residency at Battle High School sparks students’ interest in the arts and adds to the growing culture of the school with a large collaborative metal sculpture.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

Percent for Art: Tidal Murmur by Beth Nybeck

Beth Nybeck, a Kansas City metal sculpture artist, designed the artwork for the new Short Street parking garage. Learn what inspired Nybeck to create Tidal Murmur for the City of Columbia’s Percent for Art program.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

2013 Telly Awards

Welcome to Columbia, Missouri

When the University of Missouri Columbia became an official member of the Southeastern Conference, Columbia’s Convention and Visitors Bureau thought it would be nice to display a little bit of hospitality for the curious in other SEC school cities.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

Storm Drain Art

Thumper Entertainment and the City of Columbia’s collaborative Storm Drain Art project encourage public discussion about healthy watersheds in the community.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

2012 Telly Awards

Take Control, Get Tested: The STD Reality Check

More than 200 people are living with HIV/AIDS in Columbia. The Columbia/Boone County Health Department provides community outreach, STD testing and exams. A young woman talks about living with the HIV virus.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

2011 Telly Awards

Off the Clock: Steve MacIntyre

City Planner, Steve MacIntyre, has been running for a long time. Discover what drives him and the steps that brought him to where he is today.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

S.W.A.T. Team

Go inside the Columbia Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze 

2009 Telly Awards

Leisure Times

Leisure Times is a segment that highlights programs and activities within the Parks and Recreation department.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

When Seconds Count

When seconds can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation, the Public Safety Joint Communications team is on the line to connect callers with first responders.

Telly Award Winner: Bronze

2005 Telly Awards

Columbia Water and Light Centennial Commercial

This public service announcement for Columbia Water and Light’s centennial celebration combined key messages and a collage of old photos to recognize the utility’s milestone.

Telly Awards Finalist

Columbia’s Cold Case Files

This documentary follows several unsolved criminal cases that were reviewed using new technologies that are now available to the Police Department.

Telly Awards Finalist

2004 Telly Awards

Fire Factor

This public service announcement for Fire Factor, an educational, fire prevention event at the University of Missouri – Columbia. The spot warns of the dangers of fire while promoting the event.

Telly Awards Finalist

Sister City, Kutaisi

A documentary about Columbia’s sister city in Kutaisi, Republic of Georgia features interviews with Kutaisi citizens visiting Columbia and a Columbia delegation’s visit to their country.

Telly Awards Finalist

2003 Addy Awards

West Nile Virus

Awarded by the Mid-Missouri Ad Federation in the public service announcement category.

Silver Addy Award Winner

2003 Telly Awards

Artist in Residency Program

This video documents New Haven Elementary students creating a stained and etched glass window for their school with artist Susan Taylor-Glasgow.

Telly Awards Finalist

Play as Learning

This series teaches parents play techniques to develop different skills in their children.

Telly Awards Finalist

2002 Telly Awards

Dominic’s Story

This video stresses the importance of fire safety on campus through the story of a University of Missouri student that lost his life in a fraternity fire.

Telly Awards Finalist

Conservation Tips

This show features do-it yourself projects on how to conserve electricity and water.

Telly Awards Finalist

The Power is Yours

This award was for the graphic elements which showed the detailed process of how power is generated at the City of Columbia’s power plant.

Telly Awards Finalist

2001 Telly Awards

Art for the People

This video documents an artist in residence program at West Jr. High School with the Recreation Center artist, Norman Courtney.

Telly Awards Finalist

2000 Telly Awards

Columbia…A Century Past

A recollection of the 20th century in Columbia.

Telly Awards Finalist

2000 NATOA Award

Good Bye Head Lice

Public Health — Third Place

1999 Telly Awards

Smoke Detector Safety Commercial
Telly Awards Winner — Public Service

Full Service City
An overview of city services.
Telly Awards Finalist — Animation

Ground Zero
Featuring the City’s response to the tornado of 1998.
Telly Awards Finalist

1999 NATOA Awards

City Scope (Fire)
Profile of a City/County Dept. — First Place

Full Service City
Profile of a City/County Dept. — First Place

Text Box
Video Text Bulletin Boards — First Place

Documentary: Profile — Second Place

Ground Zero: In the Eye of Destruction
Documentary: Event Coverage — Third Place

1998 NATOA Awards

Excellence in Government Programming
Second Place

Powerful Decisions
Public Education — First Place

Someone You Should Know
Ethnic Experience — Second Place

Committed to Our Consumers
Profile of a City/County Dept. — Third Place

The Columbia Terminal Railroad
Profile of a City/County Dept. — Finalist

1997 NATOA Awards

City Notes
Magazine Format Series — First Place

Volunteering to Reduce Columbia’s Waste Line
Profile of a City/County Dept. — First Place

Fresh Water Treatment
Profile of a City/County Dept. — Second Place

Talk to Me
Documentary: Social Issues — Third Place

1996 NATOA Awards

Documentary: Profile — First Place
Video Text Bulletin Boards — First Place