2019 12 30 Double Bay Meter TUTORIAL

A single meter head that services two parking spots is called a double-bay meter. Here’s how to use one … Press the button to switch between Bay 1 for the left spot and Bay 2 for the right spot. If paying with coin, you may use any combination of coins EXCEPT for pennies. If using a CoMo Park Card, insert your card after selecting your bay. You will see the amount left on your card, then the word “In,” then the maximum amount of time allowed, then “card,” at which point you should remove your CoMo Park Card. The bay number that you chose will disappear from the display and show a dash instead. This is your indication you’ve paid for that space. If using a CoMo Park Card, don’t forget to log out when returning to your meter. Otherwise you will be charged for the maximum time. To log out, insert your card. You will see the elapsed time, the amount left on your card, and, finally, the word “out,” which means you can now remove your card.