Ballenger Lane Widening Project Complete

The Ballenger Lane improvement project was completed in the summer of 2019 as part of the City of Columbia’s Capital Improvement Program. This Public Works project, which passed through the City’s public involvement process, provides a safer path for pedestrians, bicyclists and other nonmotorized transportation users by widening the pavement to provide shoulders on each side of the road. Nearly a thousand dump truck loads of fill were used to widen the road and regrade so that the shoulders could be added. The project also included bus shelter pads, grass seeding, overlaying the roadway with asphalt, improving stormwater infrastructure and of course new line striping. Existing sidewalks from neighboring subdivisions were also connected to the shoulders, making it easier for those on bike, foot or wheelchair to access bus stops, Hominy Trail and other local destinations. More information about this and other Capital Improvement Program projects is available at