Aurora Organic Dairy In Business In Mid-Missouri

A year after breaking ground at their new site in Columbia, Missouri, Aurora Organic Dairy (AOD) will be open for business before the end of April 2019. Based in Boulder, Colorado, AOD’s “cow-to-carton” supply chain includes organic dairy farms, a dedicated organic fluid milk processing plant, and organic heifer and calf ranches in Colorado and Texas. AOD is an integrated company that produces and processes organic milk products for distribution to grocery stores nationwide. “The decision to build our second milk plant in Columbia culminates several years of research and diligence to determine the optimal location for a new processing operation,” says Marc Peperzak, Founder and CEO, Aurora Organic Dairy. “Columbia offers a location that expands and improves the efficiency of our total supply chain, from organic feed, to milk, to consumer. Central Missouri also offers a great workforce and attractive access to major interstate highways.”