Tough Jobs: Wastewater Treatment

Episode 2 of Tough Jobs, originally published July 7, 2009. Host Sean Brown explores the work of treating Columbia’s wastewater when he visits Columbia’s Wastewater Treatment Facility and the constructed wetlands that feed into the Eagle Bluffs Wildlife Conservation Area. Wetland Units 1 and 2 are located north of Eagle Bluffs, and Wetland Units 3 and 4 are situated within the conservation area itself. Treated effluent from the constructed wetlands benefits the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) by providing a consistent water source for the Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area. Wildlife also benefits. The constructed and restored wetlands provide habitat for many resident and migrating marsh and waterfowl. Bald eagles are routinely sighted in the Eagle Bluffs area. Bird watchers appreciate the proximity of the MKT and Katy (hiking/biking) Trails. Eagle Bluffs is a valuable educational and recreational resource. For more information on Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area, call the MDC field office.