Columbia Recycle and Trash App

Columbia Missouri’s Solid Waste Utility is offering up a new free app, the COMO Recycle and Trash App, available for Android and iOS devices.

The app provides an updated schedule of your trash and recycling collection schedule, as well as special collection dates for things like Christmas trees and dates for when Household Hazardous Waste drop-off is available.

The app also includes the Waste Wizard. The Waste Wizard tells you what’s recyclable, what’s not, whether you can put an item out curbside or need to drop it off someplace. If an item is NOT recyclable through the city, other available recycling options are provided, with complete contact and location information.

The app integrates with Google Maps to show drop-off recycling locations, the city landfill location, and the locations of other waste and recycling centers available for items not recycled by the city — electronics, batteries, and metals, for example.

User feedback is welcome and submittable from within the app.