2016 Homelessness Summit Session II

(00:00:00) Welcome — Andrew Grabau, Janet Thompson, Michael Trapp, Karla DeSpain, Rocky Alden
(00:20:44) Local Overview — Steve Hollis, Katie Burnham Wilkins, Carla London, Randall Cole, Kay Wright, Shawn Phillips
(00:57:44) National Movement/Emerging Best Practices: Zero 2016, Housing first & 100,000 Homes — Keynote Speaker Linda Kauffman
(01:59:08) Back from Break
(02:00:22) Implementing Housing First: Challenges and Best Practices — Keynote Speakers Jason McRoy and Sarah Buss
(02:52:34) Panel Q&A


Linda Kauffman, National Movement Manager, Community Solutions
Jason McRoy, Director of Operations, Boulder Housing & Human Services
Sarah Buss, Housing and Emergency Services Coordinator, Boulder County Housing& Human Services


Karla DeSpain, Special Projects Manager, Heart of Missouri United Way & CATCH board
Rocky Alden, Volunteer, Love INC & Room at the Inn


Janet Thompson, District 2 Commissioner, Boone County, MO
Michael Trapp, Ward 2 Council Member, City of Columbia, MO
Steve Hollis, Human Services Manager, Boone County/City of Columbia Public Health & Human Services
Katie Burnham Wilkins, Health Care for Homeless Veterans Program Coordinator, Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital
Randall Cole, Housing Programs Supervisor, City of Columbia, MO
Carla London, Director of student Services, Columbia Public Schools
Nancy Thoma, Region 7 Administrator, Administration for Children & Families
James Heard, Field Office Director, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Sarah Froese, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Supervisor & Behavioral Health Social Work Liaison, Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital
Rorie Orgeron, Chief Executive Officer, The Kitchen Inc.
Mark Brehm, Permanent Supportive Housing Assistant Program Manager, Synergy Services
Shawn Phillips, Manager of Emergency Services, University of Missouri Health Care
Kay Wright, Manager of Volunteer/Language/Valet Services, Gift Shops & Pastoral Care, University of Missouri Health Care