City Manager

    City Manager: Mike Matthes City Manager Mike Mathess
    Office: 701 E. Broadway
    2nd Floor, City Hall Building
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6015
    Columbia, MO 65205
    Telephone: (573) 874-7214
    E-mail Address:
    Fax: (573) 442-8828

    City of Columbia Vision Zero

    Mike’s remarks on the 2016-2019 Strategic Plan: video or text

    State of the City of Columbia – Programs and Priorities

    City of Columbia Programs and Priorities 2017:

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    City Manager Mike Matthes became Columbia’s City Manager on May 1, 2011.  He was appointed by and serves at the discretion of the City Council.

    Matthes previously worked with the City of Des Moines, Iowa, starting as an intern in the City Manager’s Office in 1996.  Over the years, he steadily accepted more responsibility as a management analyst in the Finance Department; as Acting Deputy Director and Acting Director of the Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency; and since 2001, as Assistant City Manager.  From 2007 until he left Des Moines, Matthes also served as the City’s Chief Information Officer.

    Describing his approach as “servant-leader,” Matthes says his goal is to create a partnership with City employees and support the people who serve the community.

    Matthes holds his Master of Public Administration degree from Iowa State University and his Bachelor of Arts degree in American history from Graceland College.  He and his wife Bobbie have two children.

    About the City Manager Form of Government

    Columbia, Missouri is a full-service city and has
    a Council-Manager form of government. The City Manager
    is appointed by and serves at the discretion of the
    City Council. The City Manager is responsible for
    the general administration of the City of Columbia,
    program coordination and development, preparation
    of City Council agendas, special staff reports, annual
    budget, and an annual statement of city programs
    and priorities. As Chief Administrative officer,
    the City Manager is directly responsible to the City
    Council for all operations of the city as well as
    implementation of policies and programs adopted by
    the Council. The City Manager appoints all officers
    and employees of the City except for the City Clerk
    and Municipal Judge. Appointment of subordinates
    is generally delegated to the appropriate Department